The general rental conditions apply to all contracts/reservations signed by Les Jardins de Durbuy

1. The management reserves the right to withdraw a special offer temporarily or permanently.

2. Online and/or offline offers are subject to the availability of the chalets.

3. In the event of any change at the request of the customer, additional costs may be charged by Les Jardins de Durbuy.

4. Booking conditions :

  • A deposit will be required at the time of booking and must be paid within 60 days of arrival.
  • For all bookings, the amount of the deposit to be paid is 40% of the rental price.
  • In case of non-payment of this deposit, the reservation may be cancelled.
  • The balance must be paid 30 days before arrival.
  • For reservations made less than 30 days before arrival, the total amount must be paid within 5 days.

5. Any reservation/invoice that unpaid, in part or in whole, by the due date shall result, ipso jure and without the need for prior formal notification, an additional charges of at least 50 €.
Les Jardins de Durbuy are also entitled to demand immediate payment of all debts in their possession and to suspend or cancel any current reservation.

6. Cancellation conditions:

  • Free cancellation up to 60 days before arrival.
  • 60 - 31 days before the arrival date, loss of the deposit (= 40% of the total amount).
  • 30 - 14 days before the arrival date, 75% of the total amount due will be charged.
  • < 14 days before the arrival date, 100% of the total amount due will be charged.

7. All telephone/online reservations are subject to the terms and conditions.
There is no right of withdrawal for the client once a bungalow has been booked.

8. All holidaymakers must comply with the park's internal regulations.
Failure to comply with the rules and regulations may result in expulsion from the park, without refund of all or part of the rental price.
The holidaymaker is also liable to reimburse items lost or damaged during the stay, whether such damage and/or loss is the result of negligence or actions on his/her part or on the part of a third party.

9. Les Jardins de Durbuy are in no way responsible for loss, theft, damage, injury or accidents caused to persons or property during the stay.
Similarly, Les Jardins de Durbuy are in no way responsible for the possible failure or malfunction of technical equipment and the breakdown or closure of the installations of the Sunclass domain.
Any complaints arising from this do not lead to any reimbursement on the part of Les Jardins de Durbuy.

10. In the event of a problem during the stay, we do ask our guests to reported it as soon as possible, in an appropriate and convincing manner, so that a solution can be found as soon as quickly as we can.

11. The general conditions apply to all bookings.
This cancels all previous price offers (subject to price changes).
Obvious printing errors are not binding.

12. Customers under 18 years old are allowed in our park if accompanied by an adult or in possession of a written authorization of their parents.

13. Check-in time is on the day of arrival from 15:00 to 17:00 (21:00 on Fridays).
Check-out time is on the day of departure by 10:00 am at the latest.
This is subject to change.

14. Occupancy of the accommodation : the maximum number of persons per bungalow must not be exceeded under any circumstances.

15. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the bungalows. Any violation of this rule will result in a compensation of € 250. Should one or more pets not be declared at the time of booking by telephone or online, a compensation of € 250 will be charged for each undeclared pet.

16. Special actions, benefits and promotions are not cumulative with other benefits, nor are they refundable in cash.

17. Vouchers issued have a set value and are issued in the name of the original booker, this voucher is then available to make a new booking.
This voucher is subject to rental prices, promotions, ... at the time of the new booking.
Vouchers also have a limited validity period which is indicated on the voucher.
After this period, the voucher can no longer be exchanged for a reservation.
The residual value of an unused voucher and a voucher that has exceeded its validity date will not be refunded.

18. The prices and conditions are indicative and may be amended according to the conditions specified by Les Jardins de Durbuy.

19. The reservation is not final until it has been confirmed in writing by Les Jardins de Durbuy.
In case of overbooking, Les Jardins de Durbuy reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

20. Image rights: by accepting the general rental conditions, you agree to waive your image rights.
This authorises Les Jardins de Durbuy to take photos of the whole group of travellers during their holiday.
These photos may be used for social networks, website and brochures, i.e. on all internal and external channels used by Les Jardins de Durbuy.
If, as a guest, you do not wish to allow this use, please inform us in writing before the start of your stay.

Personal data are treated confidentially by Les Jardins de Durbuy and are only used for the purposes for which they are intended.
The data may be stored in one or more databases.

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