The reputation of the Ardennes is well established: Belgian and foreign tourists flock there all year round to enjoy their peaceful environment and their green forests. Discover 10 natural sites not to be missed during your next stay at Durbuy.

Holidays in the heart of nature

Who said you had to go far away to get a change of scenery? Wallonia and its preserved forests await you to take a moment of relaxation with family or friends. Breathtaking landscapes, surprising gardens and underground caves: there is something for every taste!

1. The Ourthe

The Ourthe Valley crosses the Belgian Ardennes and delights visitors of all types. Kayakers, hikers and climbers come to take advantage of its relief from the world and its magnificent environment to exercise their sport in an exceptional setting. Families also go there for peaceful strolls along the waterside.

2 minutes from the Sunclass Holiday Park

2. The Topiary Park

The Topiary Park transforms simple bushes into real works of art. Located at the foot of the Chateau of Durbuy, it is one of the region's must-see stops: sculptures of animals, geometric shapes or characters, variety is the order of the day and you will be surprised by the talent of the gardeners.

6 minutes from the Sunclass Holiday Park

3. The Rock of Omalius

Also called "the Rock of Falize" or "the Anticline of Durbuy", the Rock of Omalius is a limestone massif formed by successive layers of marine sediments which have been deposited there for millions of years. From its summit, several trails take you to spectacular views of the City of Durbuy.

7 minutes from the Sunclass Holiday Park

4. The Caves of Hotton

Have you ever seen and scanned the Caves of Han? Discover the Caves of Hotton, classified two stars in the Michelin Guide. Admire enormous galleries adorned with stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and colors. Stand above a 30 meter deep chasm and discover a river 65 meters underground. Hold your breath when you see the bats and marvel at the underground life.

14 minutes from the Sunclass Holiday Park

5. The "Bilberry" Blueberries

Discover the only Walloon producer of "bilberry" blueberries and fill your basket as you wish. A warm moment to spend with the family in contact with nature. The "bilberry" blueberries are excellent in jam, in a pie or in your small dishes!

14 minutes from the Sunclass Holiday Park

6. Palogne Holiday Park

Take a walk on nature trails and discover the riches of the Ardennes in the Palogne Holiday Park. Learn to decipher the songs of the birds, the dances of the bees and the secrets of the river during fun and enriching strolls for the whole family.

19 minutes from the Sunclass Holiday Park

7. The Lenoir Arboretum

Created in the 1930s, the Lenoir Arboretum covers 22 hectares and houses 3,000 trees from all over the world. You will be able to admire there 29 Belgian specimens, the circumference of which is the largest known today for these species.

The arboretum is managed ecologically without the use of pesticides. It offers a refuge for the birds and animals of the region.

21 minutes from the Sunclass Holiday Park

8. Walk for bird watching

The Defroidmont Chocolate Factory offers you an educational stroll to discover the birds and bees of the Ardennes. You will be able to observe the nature of the region and learn more about the species that live there. A fun moment rich in learning to share with children and grown ups.

25 minutes from the Sunclass Holiday Park

9. The Caves of Comblain

The Caves of Comblain have no less than 6 rooms and are labeled "Wallonia, Destination of Quality". Much scientific research takes place there throughout the year. You can observe impressive limestone formations as well as an underground stream.

29 minutes from the Sunclass Holiday Park

Les Jardins de Vertumne

Les Jardins de Vertumne are home to many decorative plants, as well as local varieties of squash, cultivated by the master of the house. Discover this plant heritage and admire the magnificent plants of Les Jardins de Vertumne.

26 minutes from the Sunclass Holiday Park

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